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An Innate and Inherited Gift

Joseph Scriffignano

Much as the greatest mediums and psychics, Joseph found out during a very young age, he was capable of premonition dreams and that he could predict future events for his relatives. However, being a young child, he could not really put a name on his abilities nor define what was obviously a strong psychic gift.

« I was both curious and frightened of the visions I had, or what I could predict, until the day when my grandmother told me in confidence that I was descending from a family of practicing mediums, psychics and mesmerists. She also reassured me with a great deal of benevolence that I had nothing to fear, and thanks to her I learnt the ropes of divinatory arts », reveals Joseph.

Just before the death of his beloved grandmother, she enjoined Joseph to deal with his knowledge and gift in depth, assuring him that what he is got in his hands was a blessing instead of a burden.
Indeed, the more Joseph had been giving psychic readings, the more he had felt a profound and indefinable joy. At the suggestion of his grandmother, he decided to travel around the world, in quest of initiations and to improve his esoteric skills with the greatest masters.

Joseph Scriffignano