A brief reminder on clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a form of divination whose existence is found in the oldest civilizations. Clairvoyance traditionally and generally derives from supernatural capacities inherited through a gift. We then speak of mediumship or medium capacity..

A high-quality reading to release the past & look towards the future

During his psychic reading with you, Joseph won’t linger over your past, except for allowing you to release it, as he’d rather give you an accurate and qualitative reading of your present situation and what your future holds. Indeed, Joseph has built for himself a solid reputation, in more than 35 years of psychic and medium experience, among a varied clientele such as anonymous, celebrities, decision makers and entrepreneurs, nationwide and worldwide, who consult Joseph on a regular basis, in-person or over the phone.

Seizing All Opportunities

Overcoming the present and future obstacles

Understanding and stopping what block you

Giving you the keys of a destiny that seems to slip from your grasp

While keeping intact your free will: a consultation with Joseph means the possibility to awaken your consciousness while living a moment of joyful and beneficial introspection, which is no coincidence!